Senior Living Marketing Stats You Can’t Ignore

July 5, 2022

Senior Living Marketing Stats You Can’t Ignore

Finding a senior living community takes time, knowledge, and patience. Fortunately, seniors have many choices when it comes to senior living communities.  

For senior living community owners and operators, creating a successful marketing strategy is one key to building a successful brand and obtaining a competitive edge in the market. 

Senior living marketers follow changes and trends in the industry to develop marketing campaigns that will attract customers who will benefit from their services.

For senior living marketers, knowledge is power! 

The following are significant senior living marketing stats you can’t ignore.

Senior Living Marketing ROI Statistics

Senior Living Consumer Buying Journey Stats

Anytime a consumer realizes they need a specific product or service (senior living or care), they begin searching for the best solution for their unique situation; this is called the buyer’s journey. 

Most senior living research is started with an online search, most likely on Google or Facebook, and decisions are usually made by the adult children of seniors, especially those needing assisted living or memory care. 

According to recent Google Data, assisted living and senior living are the most popular searches.

Understanding the steps consumers take to find a senior living community is critical to attracting potential residents and families and showing them why your community is a better choice than your competitors. 

Buyer journey stats you shouldn’t ignore:

Critical Senior Living Digital Marketing Stats

Digital or online marketing is one of the most powerful tools to turn prospects into residents. Digital marketing is second only to referrals as a lead generation source. 

Check out these mind-blowing digital marketing stats:

Senior Living Conversion Stats

Your marketing and sales teams work together to ensure the success of your community. 

For these departments having relevant industry information is crucial to attracting, engaging, and converting prospects into residents. 

Key Takeaways

Understanding how consumers look for, research, and choose a community is the first step to a thriving senior living community.

Sales and marketing teams must know about trends, changes, and buyer expectations in the senior living industry.

Your website and digital marketing efforts are among your most powerful marketing assets. 

Sales teams must follow up with prospects quickly, diligently, and consistently. 

In addition, Facebook is a popular medium for connecting with potential residents and building long-term relationships with current residents.

If you need help designing a senior living website, a professional marketing agency specializing in senior living can help. 

These senior living stats will help you understand your target customer better and help you create marketing strategies that will build your brand, increase occupancy rates, and create happy long-term residents.

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