Why Your Business Should Start a Podcast

January 16, 2023

Podcasts aren’t just for the tech start up or self made entrepreneur sitting in a coffee shop, it’s for your B2C or B2B business. Why, you ask. Because you’re an expert in your field, solving a problem, and creating change in the senior living industry. 

It Positions you as a Thought Leader

One of the prime reasons for your business to start a podcast is that it positions you as a thought leader in the senior living industry, niche, and about that specific topic. This puts you at the center of conversations for new ideas, topics, and trends as the industry wants to know your perspective. 

Tighe O'Conner video editing and review

What is a Thought Leader?

In the Oxford dictionary, a thought leader is defined as someone whose views are taken as an authority and are influential. That can be interpreted in many ways, but in layman's terms, a thought leader is someone who is an expert in their field and is known for their helpful guidance in creating a solution to industry problems, sharing a vision, introducing a perspective on trends, or a combination of these three categories of thought leadership

Thought leaders come in all forms, but can usually fit into three general categories; industry, organizational, and product thought leadership. Thought leaders can overlap in these categories, but generally start in one. Industry thought leaders focus on trends, news, and influences on the industry as a whole.

Then develop and share innovative insights about these. On the other hand, organizational thought leaders influence and drive culture and perspectives that are deeply in sync with that of their company’s culture and mission. In some cases, these thought leaders create and mold the company culture. Product thought leaders are quite different from the last two, they have a solution to a problem and share their understanding of both the problem and possible solutions. However, the main difference between the product category from the others is that it is almost always a supplemental category.  

The definition of a thought leader and the different categories they encompass sounds a lot like a leader, so what sets thought leaders apart? Leaders are known for simply leading others, while thought leaders pave the way in ideas and ideals for the industry, niche, following. The expanse and reach of a thought leader is much larger than that of a leader, which is the main difference between leadership and thought leadership. With thought leadership, comes a following. 

Benefits of Being a Podcaster

There are many benefits of being a podcaster, a.k.a. a thought leader, from establishing credibility and building brands to building new leaders and inspiring others to embrace and conquer industry obstacles. Thought leadership has countless benefits that continue to grow and develop over time. Networks and followings grow, extending your reach past where the limits previously were, all while building interactions based on trust that bring unique perspectives from prospective clients as well as new connections. The possibilities are endless for your business and your brand to grow exponentially. 

Business Podcast set with microphone and sound board

Creates Limitless Opportunities for Content

When thinking of a podcast, people usually just think of an audio version on Spotify, Google Podcast, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, or other platforms. But what if that’s not it? Because it’s not. That is only one aspect.

You're already recording audio, why not record video as well? This allows many avenues for digital marketing to funnel listeners to your podcast, as well as your brand and business. This podcast recording can be curated into micro content to support marketing campaigns.


Why do you care about micro content? If we think about how many times we see social media posts, ads, and video clips about something before we take time to click or look more in depth, the reality may shock you. Micro content is the various forms of digital content that reminds your audience of new content and keeps them fresh in their minds. Think of the difference between a page you follow that posts once a month and two to three times a week. Your perception and built relationship with those brands are very different. This is the power of micro content, building relationships on a consistent basis with relevant material, supporting you in social platform algorithms to grow your audience is just an added bonus. 

From one 10-20-minute video recording, you can get the following: 

  • Podcast
  • Vlog/Video Version of Podcast 
  • Blog from Transcript
  • Quotes
  • Audio Clips
  • Reels/Stories/Mini Video Clips
  • Graphics
  • Social Media Posts

Audience Has Multiple Avenues to View Content

In today’s digital age, if your business isn’t on the platforms of your target audience, you won’t be seen. Creating a podcast gives your audience another avenue to view your content and build a relationship with your business. It’s an easy-to-digest form of content. Your listeners can hear what you have to say on their commute, during their early morning gym sessions, unwinding at the end of a day, or even while they work. The audience gets to choose when, where, and on what platforms they listen, creating convenience and therefore a larger audience. 

Josh and Lucas recording Bridge the Gap the Senior Living Podcast

Photo Credit: Solinity Marketing
Podcast Recording: Bridge the Gap with hosts Josh Crisp and Lucas McCurdy

Builds Trust & Brand Loyalty

Creating a podcast allows your current, and potential clients and consumers, to get to know you better without the sales pitch. A bond and relationship is created without a face-to-face or even virtual meeting. Some of the most common feedback from our clients that start a podcast is that people will approach them at networking events and hold conversations like they have been friends for years, when in reality it was their first two-way interaction.

The relationship is created long before the first meeting, cutting down time on the sales process and the time investment of business development strategies. 

Let’s face it, your potential clients will search you and your brand online. It may be before or after your first initial meeting, but it will happen. Your company’s website and content will be at the forefront of that search. But what if it wasn't the only thing? Imagine a potential client leaving a meeting with you, they search for your brand, and they find an entire community supporting and following your thought leadership content which has started new conversations and discussions. Not only are they associating your brand with any new network connections, but they also have more faith in you and your company because your audience trusts and supports you as well. Human connection builds trust, and with a podcast, countless people can listen and have these conversations with you, building trust with you and your brand. 

Did You Know…

38% of the US population over the age of 12 listen to podcasts on a monthly basis and 26% on a weekly basis. 

Your podcast will bring you and your business to the front of your audience's mind whenever the topic you discuss is brought up. This spreads your brand through word of mouth, creating a larger lead generation funnel through a trusted network of personal referrals. The initial input has memorable and lasting effects. 

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You Are Not Alone 

When thinking about starting a podcast, it can seem daunting when looking at all of the different initial and ongoing inputs. But don’t stress, you’re in luck! You have a professional and experienced team to help you jumpstart production and create a lead funnel of your engaged and active audience that has already built a strong and trusted relationship with you, your brand, and your business. 

Solinity Marketing utilizes our marketing expertise and experience in podcast production, as well as media relations to get a strong return from your investment in creating a new digital content campaign. 

Contact us today to talk about creating a podcast for your business and how we can help make it a rewarding investment in lead generation while creating trusted brand recognition. 

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