The Power of Online Reviews: Why You Should Capture and Utilize Customer Feedback

October 23, 2023

Why Senior Living Communities Should Capture Online Reviews

In today's digital age, online reviews are a powerful tool for customers and clients to make informed decisions. Whether it's choosing a vendor, booking a dinner reservation, or, in the case of senior living communities, selecting the best care option for a loved one, they play a crucial role. Reviews and reputations can make or break a community. This blog explores the power of online reviews for senior living communities, and how to capture and utilize them. 

The Impact of Customer Feedback

Influence Decision-Making

Online reviews can significantly influence consumer decision-making. According to Hubspot, over 85% of U.S. adults say they trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. When aging adults and their families are searching for senior living communities, they often turn to reviews and testimonials to gain insights into the quality of care, amenities, and overall community. Great reviews can be a powerful endorsement for potential residents and families to choose your community.

Build Trust

When moving a loved one to a senior living community, families want to be sure of the quality of care and support. A high volume of positive reviews can establish trust with prospective residents and their families. Conversely, negative reviews can raise red flags and deter potential residents. It's essential to actively manage your online reputation to build and maintain trust within your target audience.

Search Engine Ranking

Online reviews also impact search engine ranking and search engine optimization (SEO). Google's algorithm takes into account the quality and quantity of reviews when determining search results. Senior living communities with a robust online presence and positive reviews are more likely to appear higher in search results, increasing their visibility to potential leads and residents.

Capture and Utilize Online Reviews

Now that we know about the importance, let's explore how senior living communities can capture and utilize customer feedback effectively:

Gaining Positive Reviews: Communities should encourage satisfied residents and families to leave reviews on platforms like Google, Yelp, or other specialized senior living websites. Communities should give clear instructions and links to make the process as straightforward as possible.

Monitor Reviews: Regularly monitor review websites and social media platforms and set up alerts to be quickly notified of new reviews. This allows you to address any issues promptly and engage with positive feedback.

Engage and Respond Thoughtfully: Responding to reviews is so important! By addressing concerns and showing a commitment to improvement, communities can turn negative feedback into positive outcomes. Communities should write thoughtful responses to both positive and negative reviews. Express gratitude to happy residents and acknowledge concerns in a professional and empathetic manner. This demonstrates your commitment to resident satisfaction and continuous improvement.

Implement Feedback: Use the feedback received in reviews to make meaningful improvements in your senior living community. If multiple residents express the same concerns, it's a clear sign that changes are needed. Conversely, positive feedback can help you identify areas of strength to build upon.

Showcase Positive Reviews: Share positive reviews on your website, in marketing materials, social media channels, and during tours. Success stories and testimonials from satisfied residents and their families showcase your community's excellence. According to LinkedIn, 72% of customers say positive reviews and testimonials make them trust a business more.

In the senior living industry, the power of online reviews cannot be overstated. These reviews influence decision-making, build trust, and impact search engine ranking. By capturing and utilizing customer feedback effectively, senior living communities can attract more residents and improve services. 

Your community, whether active adult, independent living, assisted living, memory care, or a CCRC campus, can embrace the digital age and harness the power of reviews to create a thriving and reputable online reputation that residents and their families can trust. Need help? Contact the experts at Solinity Marketing

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