Why Work With a Professional Senior Living Marketing Agency?

October 1, 2022

Why Work With a Professional Senior Living Marketing Agency?

The senior living industry is facing new challenges and opportunities everyday. 

From occupancy struggles to staff turnover, heightened safety regulations, and record-breaking inflation, communities nationwide are finding creative ways to gain a competitive edge.

So your marketing budget must go a long way. 

If you plan on outsourcing there’s no shortage of marketing agencies confidently throwing around unfamiliar terms; search engine optimization, content creation, evergreen. They’ll promise great deals and “get to know your industry inside and out.” 

But, as those within the industry know, senior living is complex, full of intricate government legalities, and constantly evolving...all while maintaining the human side of the business. 

Because discussing senior care with an aging loved one is a sensitive and often avoided topic, it’s critical for communities to communicate effectively.

Opting to work with a marketing agency specific to senior living streamlines your ability to gain leads, attract and retain employees, and drive back occupancy by communicating your message better. 

Perhaps best of all, marketing companies for senior living are great for business by reducing costly mistakes that could affect your bottom line or worse: your reputation. 

marketing plan strategy with a senior living marketing agency

Expert Knowledge

Successful marketing requires industry insight; and there’s no shortcuts to gaining experience in this field. 

The ADA, CNAs, RNAs, RNs, HMO, ICF, ALFs, CCRCs, Medicaid, Medicare, person-centered, preventative care; the list goes on. 

These terms are a second language to those without industry experience. And attempts at creating promotional material without prior knowledge can create more problems than it solves. 

What’s the takeaway? 

Hiring a marketing agency that is out of industry means you’re paying for the agency to learn about senior living. 

Industry-specific marketing agencies are already equipped with proven know-how to engage your audience in a way that’s digestible and effective. 

This is crucial when educating viewers on difficult-to-understand floorplans and rates, leasing agreements, care levels and services, private pay vs. Medicare/Medicaid, and policy guidelines. 

active seniors the perfect target audience for senior living marketing

Time Efficient

Nothing’s worse than finishing the workday feeling unaccomplished. 

And in a busy care home, every second counts. 

So when it comes to marketing, the fewer edits, communication mishaps, and clerical errors, the better. 

Experience goes a long way when marketing senior care. Partnering with a senior living marketing agency will reduce the amount of time spent emailing, messaging, solving problems, and extinguishing work fires.


Through industry-specific terminology and messaging, they’ll promote your services quicker and with more effectiveness than an out-of-industry marketing agency. 

It’s A Trending Market

There’s no shortage of business opportunities in senior living. Entrepreneurs in the space are becoming surprisingly creative with products and services geared towards seniors. 

From resort-style senior living to wearable tech with origins in silent discos, the demand for senior services are expected to skyrocket in the next few decades. And with the market expected to grow over 5% annually, there’s bound to be stiff competition across the spectrum. 

Working with a team of senior living marketing professionals will help make promotional decisions easier. Through experience and insight, a senior living marketing agency will ensure your services are trusted regardless of if you’re selling business to business (B2B) or business to company (B2C.) 

What are B2B and B2C? 

  • Business to Business (B2B) – transactions that are made between two businesses 
  • Business to Consumer (B2C)  - a business that sells products directly to the consumer

A Quick Solution to the Staffing Crisis 

Over 70% of senior living communities report ongoing issues related to staffing. 

The workforce is shrinking, turnover is high, and failure to find qualified staff is leading to the possibility of closure in some communities. 

But jobs in the marketing sector have remained more resilient than those in healthcare and hospitality. 

Choosing to work with a senior living marketing agency reduces the headaches of interviewing, hiring, and retaining qualified marketing staff. 

And with the national average cost of hiring a new employee at $4,000, and no end to the staffing crisis in sight, hiring an outside agency can slow down the revolving door of employees. 

Saves on Costs

A successful marketing campaign is like upkeeping a car, it involves constant maintenance, and you’re always looking for ways for it to run smoother and give you the greatest ROI. 

But the cost of website updates, social media management, and videography adds up fast, and partnering with the wrong agency could lead to difficult-to-solve problems. 

Additionally, outsourcing to a senior living marketing agency saves money by reducing the need for full-time employees, health insurance, and benefits. 

A group of senior living professionals will understand the best practices to give you a better return on your marketing investment. 

No Technological Learning Curve

Technology plays a major role in marketing today. In addition to creating marketing campaigns that are more targeted and immersive, tech can also help nurture leads and ease communication barriers between current and future prospects. 

Technology can be difficult to use. And with a new platform emerging each day, there can be a steep learning curve to creating an effective online marketing campaign. 

Senior living marketing firms produce senior specific promotional material in the form of: 

Social Media Management

  • Event Promotion
  • Branding and Logo Design
  • Case Studies
  • Videography and Content Shoots
  • Website Design
  • Email Campaigns
  • Blog and Article Writing
  • Copywriting
  • Printed Material

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing leverages platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and TikTok to engage audiences and promote material. 

Consistent posting on these platforms helps create trust, brand awareness, and connect with your intended audience. 

Now What?

Working with a senior living marketing agency makes communication easier, campaigns more targeted, and is overall better for business. 

Senior living marketing agencies streamline processes, communicate with industry-specific terminology, and understand prospects’ pain points and how to address them. 

Through senior-specific promotions, you’ll heighten your organization’s reputation, surpass business goals, and create a brand that consumers know and trust. 

Are you ready to connect to your audience with marketing tailored especially for seniors? 

Schedule a free call with Solinity Marketing today. 

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