Short-Form Video Content is Here to Stay: How to Capture Engaging Content

October 5, 2023

You’re scrolling on your phone, you see a quick little video that makes you laugh, you double tap your screen and scroll on. The next video is entertaining enough to make you watch the whole thing, but once it’s over you simply swipe to the next one. The one after that though, that’s the special one. It stops you in your tracks, you watch it multiple times, like, share, and leave a comment. Sometimes you even go to their profile to learn more about them. 

Raise your hand if you want to be video number three. Us too! The question is, how do you make your content stand out in an endless sea of other content creators? There’s no foolproof plan for social media success, it’s an evolving space. However, there are a few approaches you can take to ensure you are capturing content your target audience actually wants to engage with. 

To start, let’s talk about why short-form video content is here to stay. You may have heard of an app called TikTok. The powerhouse social platform made itself known around the world in the middle of the pandemic. Lockdowns provided ample time for mindless scrolling, and while the world has slowly made its way back to the normal hustle and bustle post-pandemic, short-form video hasn’t gone anywhere. Did you know that video content generates 1200% more shares than text and image content? Not only are shares more common for video content, but actually retaining the information is too! On average viewers retain 95% of a message from a video, versus 10% from reading it in a text.

Other social media platforms were forced to take note of the impact TikTok, and subsequently, short-form video content, made in our social-obsessed world. Prime examples include Instagram and Facebook’s shift to focusing on reels, stories, and algorithm changes. YouTube created YouTube shorts, and Snapchat created a new Spotlight section specifically designed for short-form videos. Even LinkedIn offered stories for a time! Still unsure if short-form video is worth your time or effort? Let’s take a look at how it can improve your marketing strategies, and we’re not just talking about social here! 

When you think of short-form video, the first marketing effort that comes to mind is social media. While this is the most straightforward approach to take, social media isn’t your only option for utilizing the short-form content you create! 


Strengthen your brand identity using marketing emails. Include culture-related short-form videos for a pop of digital content to help creatively showcase your organization. 

Content Writing: 

Don’t get us wrong, blogs still have their place and should be utilized (we obviously believe this because you’re reading one of ours right now)! Consider utilizing short-form videos to accompany your content writing strategies. Do you have a happy resident or team member willing to share their testimony? Hit record and use that interview to create short Q&A style videos to utilize throughout your marketing efforts. 


Make your website stand out from competitors. Include an embedded YouTube display screen and feature a live display of your social platforms within your website to draw visitors in and show them your organization’s culture.


38% of the US population over the age of 12 listen to podcasts on a monthly basis and 26% on a weekly basis. Because of this, recording podcast conversations with both audio and video opens up new doors to B2B and B2C marketing strategies that incorporate video content.

Behind the curve on adjusting your marketing strategy to incorporate more short-form videos? That’s okay! By utilizing the following steps, your content is sure to stand out.  One of the best things about short-form video content is that it is often quick to produce at an affordable cost. Here are a few steps to ensure your content looks pro and is what your target audience wants to see!

Check the Trends: Understand what’s popular and what your audience is engaging with. This doesn’t take long but can transform the outcome of your efforts. Spend a few moments scrolling through social media to see what’s popular, look at your analytics, write down some ideas, and get to recording. For example, this could be the Activities Director or Life Enrichment Coordinator capturing content during a wellness-focused dance party, painting day or something else captivating.

Make the First Few Seconds Impactful: It’s in the title folks! Short-form videos are short, which means you want to capture your audience’s attention fast. On average a TikTok or Reel only last between 30 to 90 seconds. Make sure you pack a punch at the beginning of your short-form video to keep your audience from scrolling on. 

Keep your video looking pro: 

  1. Vertical Video: If possible, record all your content vertically so that it is the optimized layout for social platforms and editing. Don’t fret if you’ve got lots of content recorded horizontally though! By simply utilizing a vertical format, you can have your horizontal video in the center, with blank space around it. 
  2. Lighting: Make sure the background isn’t too bright (like standing in front of a window on a sunny day) and if the subjects are faces, make sure shadows are not cast on their faces.
  3. Surrounding: Check what’s in the background! If there are objects such as trash bags, drinks, or unsightly items, take a moment to move the items before the video is taken.
  4. Consider Accessibility: Closed captions, trigger warnings, and timing are all small steps that can be taken during the editing process that could go a long way with your target audience. Consider who you are marketing to! Are they an older generation who might need bigger captions to make it easier to read? Should you include trigger warnings about sensitive topics? Are there flashing lights in your video? Giving a heads-up could make the world of a difference for your epileptic viewers. 
  5. Avoid Unnecessary Watermarks: Did you know that social platforms can, and do, prioritize original content from their platform? For example, in 2022 Instagram announced that recycled content would be given less visibility than original content on it’s platform. Check out this resource from Hootsuite on how to remove unnecessary watermarks so you can reuse your content across all channels without getting penalized!

Partner with Brands and Showcase Products: We all know that brand recognition is key to our marketing efforts. Consider partnering with brands, or investing in influencers to promote your brand, and make sure collaborator posts, tags, and shop links are correctly utilized. 

Consistency is Key: At the end of the day, consistency is key! If you post one amazing, high-quality short-form video but don’t post for another 6 months, it really won’t impact your marketing efforts as much as it could. Ensure you’re consistently engaging and posting new and relevant content to get the most out of your short-form video content. 

Be You: There’s no company, team, or individual out there exactly like you. So don’t be afraid to showcase your personality! Your target audience is more likely to engage with the fun, energetic, and passionate side of your brand than the boardroom version of you. It’s okay to kick off your shoes, loosen that tie, and have fun! 

That’s it! Those six steps are all you need to be on your way to becoming a booming success on social media. If you are unsure about your editing skills after you’ve captured all that great content, utilize the tools and apps available to you! 

  1. Capcut 
  2. Canva
  3. TikTok in-app editing 
  4. Instagram in-app editing

All of this is to say, that short-form video content is here to stay and with these strategies and tips, we are positive that you can use it to your marketing advantages! 

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