A Tech Startup Launch
Marketing Strategy

The Client

Kevala came to us looking for access into the senior living industry. They had a great product that was primed to succeed but was missing the critical aspect of a message that was perfectly crafted for the audience and a deep understanding of how to get in front of the true decision makers.


The first step on our partnership together was to discover more about their product and the problems that it aimed to solve. We did this by having many in-depth discovery sessions into the team, the product, and the vision. We wanted to understand the product perfectly ourselves so that we could better craft the marketing language and strategy.


Our first step before even getting to the strategy was to make sure the messaging for the product was fully thought through, clear, and concise. For this we built out a core messaging document. This served as a guide to their messaging. It created a hierarchy of core brand statements, built an understanding of value, and separated them from their competition.


Then we started building out the strategy. With already a solid foundation built on an understanding of the product we had to build out the plan to market. There are many steps to this process. First we want to build out comprehensive marketing campaigns. These are larger ideas that can be distributed through various marketing channels that work together. Secondly we take a look at each marketing channel opportunity and build a plan around each one. For them we build a plan around the following:

Email Marketing

Email marketing was a critical platform to keep their audience up-to-date on their progress and updates as a tech platform.

Social Media

Then using social media we are able to reach a larger audience outside of the current email list and keep Kevala shelf-of-mind for anyone who isn't yet a customer. LinkedIn is our primary channel of choice, putting the content directly into the gaze of their core audience.

SEO and Content Strategy

A proper content strategy is important to focus on keywords that the industry is searching around products like this. It wasn't the original keywords the client thought, it took some detailed research and data to find the exact keywords that would bring the most traffic.


The PR strategy was first outlined into a House of Messages where we strategized on big announcements and plans to gain earned media. A custom crafted PR message was packed and distributed, allowing Kevala to capture national attention both in the tech and healthcare industry.

Gated Content

Producing gated content is a great way to gather new contacts and increase perception of an industry thought leader.


To increase thought leadership we helped them produce an outline for a webinar.

Event Marketing

To get leadership shaking hands with the right people, we helped with collateral, marketing and planning of events to attend.


We also thought it’d be useful to educate leadership and team even further on the industry they were working to serve. For this we created a senior living bootcamp where members of our team flew out to Seattle to have a full day meeting with the team to talk about their product and the industry.

Network Access

In addition all this we also wanted to give them better access to the people and companies in this space. We worked with them on the best people to talk to in order to move their business forward.

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